rosso vecchio sangiovese

Uvaggio Sangiovese
Rosso Vecchio

88% Sangiovese
7% Vermentino
5% Syrah

48% Santa Barbara
45% Napa
7% Lodi

We have affectionately dubbed this wine ‘old red' – it is a multi-vintage blend based on Sangiovese grown in two of California's important coastal valleys – Santa Ynez and Napa.

These two lots were aged in French oak; primarily in 400 and 500 liter puncheons, secondarily in barrels; with ~20% of the wood being new and another ~10% was once used.

Bottling was in September, 2010;
14.6% alcohol, pH 3.61 & TA 5.7 g/l
Our descriptors: a complex and fully evolved wine; mature and complex vinous aromas heightened by an oak component, serving to complement the cherry and plum fruit flavors.