old zin vine


As it turns out, John Fogarty of Credence Clearwater Revival was never actually stuck in Lodi.  In fact, when he wrote that song, he had never even visited.  We think this is a shame - because Lodi is actually a pretty nice place, particularly for raising a family - or in our case, a family of grapes.  

But most people do not even know where it is.  Say the word Lodi and people imagine a mule train pulling a load of borax across Death Valley.  In reality, Lodi is east-southeast of Napa, about a one and a half hour drive and it is only about a half hour south of Sacramento.  

Lodi's weather mimics the Napa Valley.   If it is cool in Napa, it is cool in Lodi.  If it is warm in Lodi, it is warm in Napa.  Additionally, the Delta region east of the Bay Area, just to Lodi's west, allows for a maritime influence – similar to Napa's cooling influence from the Carneros region.   If you look at the daily temperatures of highs and lows for Calistoga, Geyserville or even Paso Robles, you will see Lodi falls somewhere in the middle.  Of course, for all these areas there is a lot of variation.  And the same goes for the topography.

Look at a map of the Lodi area, and you will see seven different regions with different climates and various soil types.   Lodi is the perfect place for Mediterranean grape varieties.  It is already well known for its Zinfandel and Petite Sirah.  It will soon be followed by Vermentino, as well as other Italian and some Spanish varieties.    

Wine writers like Leon Adams predicted great things for Lodi wines and today is just the beginning.   As wine becomes a part of our daily lifestyle and not just something to decorate the table with on Thanksgiving, Lodi is where more and more Americans will be getting their wine.