Living La Vita Locavore

We know it sounds like an Italian word, but the term Locavore was actually conceived in our own backyard – the backyard of the Bay Area, that is.  The term locavore was coined by Jessica Prentice of the Bay Area during the 2005 World Environment Day, and was immediately adopted by foodie groups and the wine world.  Focused on sourcing sustainable, local produce, it decreases the amount of greenhouse gases instead of transporting products from far away places by trucks.

The locavore trend fits perfectly with our focus on domestically produced Italian varietals, crafted in a very Italianate style.  Why import wine when we can benefit from the potential for grapes grown in California?  Besides would you rather see more subdivisions? 

At Uvaggio, we pride ourselves on sourcing everything locally, to the fullest extent possible.  Take our Vermentino as an example: the grapes are grown in Lodi, the bottle is produced in either Madera or Modesto, the label is printed in St. Helena and the capsule is manufactured in Napa.  

Our wines have been featured at Slow Food events in San Francisco and Napa Valley.  We are seeking to become the darling of the Bay Area's locavore movement, having shared similar values and sustainable practices.